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2 Bunker Maintenance Problems to Look Out for in Autumn

Peak golfing season may be drawing to a close, but there are still several weeks of relaxing weather that’s perfect for golf. Stretch out that fall golfing season with a strong maintenance schedule so the quality of game play stays steady until the temperature drops. Here are two seasonal problems to stay on top of:…

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3 Ways to Make Your Bunkers Look More Appealing

We have listed 3 ways to make your bunker liners look more appealing to your golfers. 1. Place your golf bunkers in front of a hill instead of behind it. Sometimes bunkers can be an unpleasant surprise, and that’s part of what makes a recreational game of golf exciting. But both amateur and advanced golfers…

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Three Reasons to Schedule Your Bunker Renovation This Fall

Renovating your golf course involves a series of trade-offs. Renovations cost money up-front, but they can save your course money long-term and bring in new business. Renovations disrupt your customers’ ability to play, but you can pick the times and areas to minimize disruption. Once you know that renovations are worth any resulting costs, make…

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The Advantages That Golf Course Bunker Systems Can Provide

Golf course bunker systems are a key aspect of maintaining any course. Those who are looking for the best way to protect a course would do well to find out more about the advantages that golf course bunker systems have to offer. These benefits are certainly difficult to ignore! Holding In Sand Once sand has…

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How Our High Line System Can Assist You

ZLINE Bunker Systems offers clients the chance to choose from a wide range of options. The high line system is often selected by those who wish to maintain their course and are seeking the highest possible quality. So how can our high line system assist you? Let us count the ways! Durability When you purchase…

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Straight Line Systems: How They Can Improve Your Golf Course

As the game of golf continues to grow in popularity, proper course maintenance becomes more and more important. This is where straight line systems can improve your golf course. They are specifically designed to provide the proper assistance for courses with certain bunkers. Courses without high flashed sand lines tend to benefit most from straight…

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When is a Bunker’s Renovation Absolutely Needed?

Of all the working parts of a finely designed golf course, the untrained eye doesn’t give a bunker much thought. After all, it is just a pit of sand that only requires a bit of edging to keep shaped, right? Even grass bunkers are easy to maintain when kept cut to the right uniform length.…

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Let ZLINE Bunker Systems Install A Straight Line Bunker System!

Image of Zline Bunker on a Bright Day

The best of golf courses provide athletes with challenges that require some skill, but also allow for a novice golfer to enjoy the course as well. Sand bunkers provide the perfect element of trial for golfers of all skill levels. However, you would want your bunkers to be developed with quality materials that will withstand…

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Taking Care of Golf Courses and Golf Course Bunkers

Man Finishing Golf Shot with Golf Bag and Bunker

Golf course bunkers have always been somewhat complicated to maintain. Even categorizing golf course bunkers can be complex, given the role that they play in the game of golf itself. Some people would say that since bunkers serve as obstacles for the players, they more or less belong in their own category.   Other people…

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Get the Most for your Money with our High Line Bunker System

Image of Golfer Hitting out of a Zline Bunker

ZLINE Bunker Systems provides high-quality golf course construction and maintenance for our customers. We provide high line and straight line bunkers that have been proven to be worth every cent, long-lasting, and high quality! Our High Line System is engineered to be not only budget-friendly but to be of the best quality.   Ten Year…

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