Use Our Straight Line System to Maintain Inclining Bunkers

Image of Pro Golfer Hitting out of a Zline Bunker

Even gently inclining sand traps need structural protection and a sturdy barrier that can hold them in place to separate them from the surrounding native environment. A good golf bunker liner offers more than just the ability to grab onto and hold layers of sand in place. If you have sand traps with angles rising or falling at up to 20 degrees, you might not need a liner specifically engineered with steep angles in mind, but here’s what you should still expect in a quality bunker liner:


  • Your sand should still be held securely in place. The central benefit of any bunker liner is that your sand trap maintains its shape and strict separation from the native soil. All of our Straight Line System liners come with tufted fibers that lock onto the sand and make it stay in place so you can maintain your bunkers with less need for repair and less severe maintenance. These tufted fibers typically have a life of over twenty years because they’re made from polyethylene and are designed to be strong and sturdy even in the face of constant use.
  • A quality bunker liner also provides good drainage. You don’t want any of your sand traps to become muddy or swamped, so our liners have a solid base that transfers water from the bunker straight into the drainage system; this not only protects the structural Integrity of the bunker itself but also the surrounding native soil to keep your course in prime condition.

A good bunker liner means that you shouldn’t have to worry about the structure or integrity of your bunkers. If you’d like to learn more about ZLINE Bunker Systems’s products, please contact us here for more information and suggestions on keeping your bunkers contained.